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The weekend of open studios attracts people to Pilsen

The studios of Pilsen artists will open their doors on September 28 and 29, 2024

from 2 to 8 p.m. Visitors can explore the art and create their own artistic creations!


Art lovers should visit on Saturday, September 28. and come to Pilsen on Sunday, September 29, 2024. Throughout the Pilsen Region, artists are already opening the doors of their studios, some galleries and art schools for two afternoons - places where art is created or exhibited. Visitors can use the map to plan a tour, enjoy different types of art and even create something themselves at some stations. The entire campaign is free for visitors.


The event is organized by the Pilsen company Grafia in cooperation with partners – the Pilsen City Gallery, the West Bohemian Gallery, DEPO2015 and other partners (art schools, the Faculty of Art and Design of ZČU...). Each of the partners has put together its own program for the weekend, the artists will be waiting for their patrons in the studios. Those who either do not have their own studio, or it is too far away, have a joint exhibition in improvised spaces. The organizers emphasize an informal approach to the event and elements of improvisation at individual stations.


The event is also suitable for families with children and the general public - discover art in Pilsen and create art yourself! “Visitors can look forward to a diverse range of visual activities and free galleries and studios where they can meet renowned and emerging artists. Very attractive is the possibility to create a plasterboard sculpture yourself under the supervision of real sculptors or to paint a picture. Other workshops offer the opportunity to create a ceramic mosaic for free, and other stations take photos and create jewelry and clothing," says Jana Brabcová from the organizing company Grafia.


The event is supported by the Pilsen region and the city of Pilsen, the patronage of the event is the Primate of Pilsen Mgr. Pavel Šindelář. And the Minister of Culture Mgr. Martin Baxa also took over the patronage of the event. A map of open studios will be available on the website http://www.otevreneateliery.cz before the start of the event.


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